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Pendragon Politics

Pendragon is not really a political game, and it need never enter into the campaign if the GM and players wish so. But the knights are noblemen, and they have to balance decisions between their liege lords or the High King. The entire realm goes political at the end, when civil war erupts across the land.

These are some tidbits, scratched into finished shape to appear here. I'll polish up some more, and get 'em here.

Castles, a single table with DV, prices and so on.

The Round Table, Membership requirements, duties, and benefits. And the same for the Companions of Arthur.

Camelot. Notes on visiting this great city, and the maps from Great Pendragon Campaign.

Leaders A list of the Barons of the Sword during the reign of King Uther

Homelands. A list of player character Homelands (the counties, counties and kingdoms of the Book of Knights & Ladies.

Lords of Britain. A list of the titles used in Pendragon

The land of GARLOTH. Some information on this northern land, the realm of Queen Elaine; with map.

The Land of MALAHAUT. History, geography and politics of the great kingdom of Cumbria, with maps.

The Salisbury Hundreds Information on the manors of Salisbury

Manor maps kindly provided by Andrew Williams

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