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Campaigns and Blogs Online

Saturday Night Pendragon
Blog for Greg’s current Pendragon Campaign.

David Zeeman’s Campaign
Pendragon campaign by Pendragon insider, David Zeeman. The game Greg would be in if he still lived in the Bay area!

Tuesday Night Pendragon
Greg Stafford's own former (Berkeley) Campaign

Ben Quant's Pendragon Chronicles
Wow, handsome site! Great material, too.

Big Steve's Pendragon Campaign

Carlos' Pendragon Campaign
¿Usted lee a españoles? Este es un histora completa. And the first complete campaign, played beginning to end, that I know of! (Other than my own. of course).

Mssr. St Gabriel's Campaign
In French! With some gorgeous art!

Other Pendragon Sites

Chris Perkin's Pendragon page. Handsome and informative

Robert Audin's Age of Blood & Iron
A staunch Pendragon fan's blog, with links to watch swordfighting, etc.

Reviews, etc.

Greg Stafford’s Pendragon RPG
Another very nice history of the game


An Encyclopedia Of Role-Playing Games

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